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Imayoshi Losing His Composure  _(:3 」∠)_

Was it fun?! Tricking me and sucking up to him-

“I go wherever I want to go, and no one can stop me.”

It hurts…


"Tell me what you see."
"There, right? There’s the two ears and head!"
"What else?"
"And there…there’re its two feet!"
"Yes. What else?"
"And…and the moon! The moon is its big round belly!"
"…will you be here next year?"
"Yep, will you?"
"Same place, same time?"
"Yes, but what if you forget…or get lost?"
"Then we can always regroup on the moon, silly! Right on the rabbit’s tummy!"


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Kuroshitsuji / G Fantasy Magazine Cover / Ciel Phantomhive


*after sex*
me: gg

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